Who we are

      • A team of licensed mortgage professionals who take the TIME UP FRONT to FULLY understand your scenario. We are not about a quick quote but rather building a relationship to be your lender for life.

    What we offer

      • Our unique style is a combination of old fashion banking and cutting-edge technology. You will build a relationship with a licensed loan officer.

Why it works

    • You have direct access to your loan advisor 7 days a week. Text/email/phone – we always answer. 75% of our clients have been denied or not happy with their current lender.

At Mortgage Scenarios, we have designed a platform that makes your home loan approval a whole lot easier. Over 75% of our clients have been denied or currently working with another lender. We understand that every scenario is unique and sometimes complicated. We are a staff of licensed loan officers and certified FANNIE/FREDDIE/FHA/USDA/VA underwriters who work around the clock and take the time to fully understand all your short and long-term goals.

Our website is designed to help consumers get approved for a new home loan. We directly underwriter to HUD and FHA findings, with NO LENDER OVERLAYS! This is what helps us get more clients approved and to the closing table faster and easier.

Let’s get you a quick approval!