04 Aug

Here are some available tools you need to purchase your first home

Purchasing a home is one of the largest transactions most people make in their lifetime! STOP trusting big companies algorithms and online tools to help you understand such a BIG decision.

Being a licensed loan officer, I see too many first time home buyers getting misleading information online, stressing out, getting overwhelmed and/or just not understanding how the home buying process works.


Important and crucial steps of getting a Mortgage/Home loan:

  • Understanding your mortgage payment
  • Understanding you current vs NEW budget
  • Understanding what you can TRULY AFFORD in the areas you like

Get trusted and reliable help from a licensed loan officer — Below are just a few of the simple tools we offer our clients with NO OBLIGATION or SALES TACTICS that will help you feel more comfortable throughout this process.

Fill out the form below and let us know what tools you would like us to send you  — NO OBLIGATION and NO CHARGE

If you are currently in or thinking of purchasing a new home – Here are some tools and resources we are currently offering:

  • Monthly Budget planner Template (Free download and save on computer)
  • Mortgage Calculator that lenders use — (Free download to phone)
  • Verify my current quote – If you have received a quote from a Lender and would like to make sure there is not a better deal on the table – we will review and confirm you are getting best deal on the table
  • Approve my scenario — if you have a unique scenario that you need an expert to show you how to qualify – we can help

I am a licensed loan officer and available nights and weekends for quick questions and scenarios — Text/Email/Call/Skype

See why Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation was top 5 Largest mortgage lenders in total volume for 2017.

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