Learn all there is to know about loan programs such as FHA, VA, FANNIE MAE/ FREDDIE MAC and other USDA certified programs. Find out which one will work best for your mortgage scenario.

ALL FHA Programs – No lender overlays

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures loans so that your lender is able to offer you a better deal on your mortgage. With FHA loan programs, your down payment could be as low as 3.5% of the house price. Not only do you get low down payments, you can qualify for the loan easily without needing a too high credit score, as well as low closing costs too.


All VA Programs – No lender overlays

Veteran Affairs loan programs are specifically catered towards veterans, military members, and the spouses of those military individuals who died during active duty. These VA loans are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and don’t always require a down payment. Due to the guarantee from the VA department, this means that there is no requirement…


ALL FANNIE MAE/ FREDDIE MAC programs- No lender Overlays

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac play a significant part in providing liquidity, affordability, and stability to the country’s mortgage market. They purchase mortgages from lenders, and either they package the loans into mortgage-backed securities to be sold off, or they hold the mortgages in their portfolios.


USDA Certified—No lender overlays

The USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program is offered by the United States Department of Agriculture. This loan is specifically catered towards rural property, where those eligible must have no adequate housing but be able to make mortgage payments.


NICHE Programs available

When you’re attempting to buy a home, you might come across the common loan types out there, the more conventional loans and down payment options available to most buyers. However, with a little bit more research, you may come across niche loan programs that are eligible for.

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