Mortgage Scenario is an information portal for homebuyers and consumers looking for real estate related advice and consultation. We have a broad scope that covers a wide range of mortgage and home buying services, including but not limited to the following:


Mortgage is the first thing you should concern yourself with when purchasing a property. The right deal depends on your specific mortgage scenario, and that is exactly what we focus on when providing mortgage related information and consultation.


Home Purchase

Whether you are buying your first home, a vacation property, or simply investing in the real estate market, Mortgage Scenario will provide the support and information you need to make a decision worth your money.


Home Refinancing

Home refinancing can turn your life around. Whether you want to be able to pay off your mortgage quickly or consolidate debt, we can help you find refinancing options that will work in your favor. You can refinance your home as well as your investment property.


Mortgage Calculator

Our mortgage calculator is what we call a homebuyer’s best friend. Know the complete breakdown of your mortgage based on your mortgage scenario and make sure you are making a profitable investment.


Home Affordability

Home affordability is highly underrated and badly miscalculated. With Mortgage Scenario, you can assess your capability to afford a property you have your eyes on. This is your path to buying a home that you can actually keep.



Avoid all the confusions that lead to conflicts later one. Get comprehensive consultation from our certified home loan experts with years of experience in working with FHA/VA/FANNIE/FREDDIE and other credible financing institutions.


Loan Products

Learn all there is to know about loan programs such as FHA, VA, FANNIE MAE/ FREDDIE MAC and other USDA certified program. Find out which one will work best for your mortgage scenario.

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