13 Jul

Why people are no longer using Zillow calculators when looking for homes

Trying to understand how much you can truly afford has gotten very complicated over the last few years. Knowing if what you are seeing online is accurate to your specific scenario and personal financial situation.

Most people are trying to do their own research online with the free tools that Zillow, Redfin and other big website offer, but how come when you find a house and start working with a lender your payment is not the same as what you have been seeing online?

These mortgage calculators are very simple and generic, and are not taking into consideration your personal requirements:

  • Accurate amount of taxes on the homes you are looking at
  • Mortgage Insurance and Hazard insurance amounts – There is not “one size fits all” for these figures and are specific to your scenario and financial situation.
  • Accurate interest rate that you will see at the closing table: Typically using the best available rate that less than 20% of buyers actually qualify for.


See below as an example using a $325,000 purchase price and 3% down payment:


*This is not a commitment to lend but used as an example for education purposes.


Purchasing a home is one of the largest transactions most people make in their lifetime. Make sure you are getting the right information from experts in this field.

Here is a free download of my app which would be tied to your file and specific scenario. Benefits from app directly from lender:

  • Accurate mortgage calculator
  • “Send me Pre-approval button”
  • Fill out application and upload any documents when that time comes
  • Close on your loan in as little as 15 days
  • Ask the loan officer — Will answer any questions or go over any scenario questions via the app or text for quick and simple responses.


Below you will find the QR code as well to download the app:


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